Augment data with meaning.
Cloud-based data science.

A powerful Data Science and Visualization Platform for Big Data Applications with real-time
Data Harvesting, Data Science, and Data Visualization.

We build and manage your Big Data Applications using our cloud-based Data Science & Visualization Platform.

We have the building blocks you need to
quickly deliver complex Big Data applications.

Harvest Data
Harvest data from thousands of different sources including internal systems and external sources such as news, blogs, forums, and social media.
Add Meaning
Detect signals from data in real-time using intelligent algorithms. Understand emotions, intentions, sentiment, themes, entities, keyphrases, and networks.
Tell Stories
Visualize interactive snapshots of insights so you can search, sift, and filter through your data. Choose from 100s of Visualizations.
Sift and Filter
Use the powerful Search and Analytics capabilities of our platform to sift and filter in real-time.
Detect Networks
Explore networks, discover connectedness, betweenness, and outliers in real-time.
Make Predictions
The Augify Prediction Engine enables you to make predictions about what may happen in the future.
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Augify Application Accelerators solve common
problems in Data Science and Big Data.

Choose from pre-built applications or let us assemble the building blocks to create something new.

Social Listening
Harvest data from social networks and add meaning in real-time. Detect important signals.
Large-Scale News Analysis
Detect patterns and build intelligent models of mainstream news.
Intellectual Property Protection
Track and detect patterns and protect against IP theft.
Carbon Footprint Analysis
Model the flow of goods and products.
Financial Intelligence
Develop real-time financial intelligence and make predictions about markets and commodities.
Event and Sensor Analytics
Store, Analyse, Sift and Filter massive amounts of sensor and event data in real-time.

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Powered by Augify

Augify creates world-class data science services and applications that you can white-label and use to deliver applications to your clients in your own products.

The Powered by Augify program gives you access to Data Science and Visualization Platform and our visualization widgets and Application Accelerators that can be easily adopted and distributed.

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